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Empower your teams to shoot powerful and professional videos on their smartphones or tablets. It’s a rich medium for you to produce an explainer video, a video introduction, tell a business story or deal with crisis PR.

Learn to shoot, edit and add titles and graphics that produce perfect videos for your website and social media channels, helping you spread your brand story far and wide for little outlay.

It’s your video studio in your pocket, perfect for producing a punchy, quality video when you want to react quickly.

Be part of the digital video revolution! Magic Word Media offers bespoke smartphone video training courses run by former BBC journalist John Whyte-Venables, a brilliant trainer who gets rave reviews from clients, including charities, corporations and government bodies.

Learn interview techniques, shooting ‘B-roll’ to use in your film, editing techniques and all you need to know about the best apps to use.

John has extensive BBC Television and multimedia reporting experience. His training skills are so well regarded he teaches multimedia skills at the prestigious Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the Middle East PR Association (MEPRA).

John Whyte-Venables

Course trainer: former BBC journalist John Whyte-Venables

We offer two mobile video training courses

Smartphone video for social media

This practical and entertaining one-day course shows you how to shoot, edit and upload a professional and effective high-definition video using just your iPhone, smartphone or iPad and a few inexpensive accessories.

Who should attend

Mobile video journalism (often referred to as MoJo) is perfect for low budget but professional video content. Generate video coverage on the move for your website or social media, and ideal for internal and external relations, training and stakeholder engagement.

If you’re a PR agency, event organiser, charity, or a business with lots to say, then empower your teams to create and distribute quality videos to your target audience.

What to expect

  • Training from a former BBC multimedia journalist
  • Professional tips and key do’s and don’ts
  • A unique training approach showing results within hours
  • A comprehensive, interactive, practical course


After this exciting course, your teams will:

  • Plan video shoots
  • Capture quality video footage on smartphones or iPads
  • Conduct interesting interviews
  • Edit video fast using a video editing app on the phone
  • Upload video to video hosting or social media sites
  • Promote the video

Fee: £1,250 + VAT

Up to six people can attend and course content is designed around your business. We supply all equipment; your team should bring earphones. The fee covers time and travel, but not venue hiring or refreshments.

Contact us to learn more.

Smartphone video masterclass

This is a one-day intermediate workshop designed as a follow-up to the making smartphone video for social media course. It progresses skills and offers advanced production and storytelling training.

Who should attend

This course is ideal for those who already have some experience. It’s the logical next step for those who attended our Making Smartphone for Social Media course.

If you’re a PR or communications agency, an events company, sports club, charity or any business that has lots to say, then your teams will benefit from our professional mobile video training.

What to expect

Attendees can expect:

  • Guidance and expert training from a former BBC multimedia journalist
  • Introduction to more advanced video shooting and editing skills
  • A chance to compare notes and experiences from your peers
  • Receive expert feedback on your work


Your teams will enjoy enhanced skills, including:

  • Planning more complex shoots
  • Integrating message management with storytelling training
  • Creating compelling video packages
  • Getting the most from the latest shooting and editing apps

Fee: £1,250 + VAT

For a maximum of six delegates, this is a bespoke course for your business, so you get the most out of it. We provide all the equipment but ask that your team bring their own headphones. The fee covers our trainer’s time and travel but not venue hiring or refreshments.

Please contact Magic Word Media to discuss your particular requirements.