Are you one of those businesses that spend a lot of money designing and developing a website, then think about website content writing afterwards? Perhaps you intend to write the content yourself? Stop right there; you’re making a mistake.

A trained and experienced website content writer will produce compelling copy that engages your visitors and succinctly reveals why they should buy products or services from you. You may be a good writer, but you’re too close to your business to take a step back and write in a way that sells best. Good copywriters understand a good structure, SEO best practices, hooks and more.

Copywriter and journalist Simon Young founded Magic Word Media, a content agency based in Ipswich, Suffolk after a long and successful career in national newspapers and corporate marketing. He news edited national newspapers before leading the content teams at one of the world’s largest online gambling empires for ten years.

You won’t find many website content writer experts with so much experience and know-how behind them.

Whether you’re after a bespoke web page, homepage, about us page or your whole website written/revised, or if you need regular blog articles, case studies or some other online material, contact Magic Word Media.

Find out what we can do for you by visiting our homepage, or read a little more about us on the – you know where we’re going here – about us page.


  • Compelling web copy
  • Improve your search rankings
  • Increase business leads
  • Engaged visitors
  • Free up your time
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