Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs

This is an astute observation from the poet, Pearl Strachan Hurd. Your business can live or die by the quality of its words.

Great copywriting is salesmanship online or in print - is your content attracting and engaging your target audience?

It's all about tone of voice, pace and influencing the reader to take an action of some sort.

Get it right, and people will buy your products or services, or get out their phone to call you.

But get it wrong, and your business will have tumbleweed blowing across the room. And nobody wants that.

Typically, copywriting might be advertising copy, email campaigns, direct mail, brochures. It is also website content writing, blog and editorial writing, but we tend to talk about those services separately as the necessary skills are quite different.

If you want your potential and existing customers to be swept along by carefully-crafted words that compel them to take action, then your words must neatly resonate with them, such that they feel part of your story.

Your copy must follow the rule of three: engage, tell a story, motivate to act.

The problem is, copywriting takes time, and many people just are not confident in their writing ability.

That’s where our magic comes in – an agency you can trust for all your content writing services and copywriting. Hey presto! Problem solved.


  • Get more leads
  • Convert to customers
  • Consistent tone of voice
  • You concentrate on running your business
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