Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs

Your problem

You’re stuck for the right words. You have too many words. Too few words. It’s possible you have no words at all.

You need compelling and engaging web content written in a conversational tone. It’s got to excite and prompt your readers to take action while boosting your Google rankings.

Your solution

Get in touch with the content experts at Magic Word Media today. We’re professional, communicative and 100% reliable.

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What can our magicians do for you?

We provide engaging, compelling, 100% accurate and SEO savvy web content. From your homepage to your services pages, from bespoke landing pages to your about us page, your readers and customers should feel excited and informed about your products or services.

You work hard to drive traffic to your website, so make the most of those eyeballs. Encourage visitors to take action, whether it’s contacting you,  placing an order or joining a mailing list.

Contact web content experts Magic Word Media today for a quote.

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Online articles and blogs have become an integral part of the marketing mix. They not only inform customers and establish you as an authority in your market; they’re essential for improving your SEO and shooting you up the Google rankings.

Work with the best writers in the business. Magic Word Media was founded by a former national newspaper news editor who also led the content teams at one of the world’s largest online gambling companies, a business that relied on engaging web content.

We know how to tell your story. Contact us for a quote now.

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Copywriting captures all forms of business writing, from the web content and editorial we’ve already described, to sales pages, advertising copy, brochure literature, emails and more.

It’s a term that’s perhaps not as well understood by businesses people as it used to be. But copywriting as a service is needed more than ever before. In a world where content reaches customers via ever-increasing numbers of touchpoints, your copywriting must stand out from the crowd.

Contact Suffolk copywriting experts Magic Word Media today.

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Quality editorial helps The Stars Group become global leader

Magic Word Media founder Simon Young spent ten years at The Stars Group, which recently acquired Sky Bet for $4.7 billion, as Head of Owned Media. The group’s cutting-edge content is widely regarded as being the best in class.

Word on the street

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    Publishing regular content and using it across all your available channels is critical to the marketing mix. It engages your existing customers, gives prospects a nudge to learn more about the benefits of your brand and compels all of them to take action that equates to revenue growth. Most business owners get the drill. It’s

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  • Why you need an engaging business blog

    Do you love a bargain? If I told you that for a small monthly investment you’d improve your Google rankings, drive more traffic to your website, convert more visitors, have engaging content to share on social media, raise your LinkedIn profile AND establish yourself as an authority in your field, you’d bite my hand off,

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  • Sailor Susie Goodall and DHL deliver the art of storytelling

    Storytelling, perfected by copywriters to engage, sell, entertain and inform, is going mainstream. While you’re used to seeing it on websites, in magazines and newspapers, in digital advertising and social media, and listening to it on the radio, it’s only now creeping into long-form television advertising. And I love it. I was watching Sky News

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  • SEO without borders

    Magic Word Media was pleased to create engaging web copy for the rebranding of international SEO agency, Buen Paso Media. The company had a smart new website, with an eye-catching spinning globe highlighting links being made between countries. When we were asked to write new hero text – or main straplines – on the homepage,

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