By Ross Young

Investing in the quality of your business website content can be hugely beneficial. Quality copy tells your story in a compelling way while executing an SEO strategy to improve your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines.

But what’s the best way to invest in your web copy?

Here, we introduce five reasons why hiring a website copywriter is a savvy investment for the growth of your brand and how Magic Word Media can help.

Reason #1: To tell your story

Your website couldn’t be more important as a gateway to your business. It’s where your potential clients go to discover who you are and what you’re all about. In other words, it’s a blank canvas on which you can tell your unique story.

As you’ll know, the internet is a busy place, so hiring a website copywriter is a highly effective way to ensure your web copy stands out in a rich and positive light.

Your company’s story should be well thought out, clearly defined, and relevant to your target audience. A website copywriter ensures your brand ethos shines through.

Reason #2: To establish an appropriate voice for your brand

Your brand’s voice refers to the personality that it takes in all of your communications. Ultimately, it’s your guide to what to say and how to say it, so it’s essential for maintaining consistency and accuracy when posting online.

Research shows that 90% of customers expect to have a similar brand experience across all platforms, highlighting why defining and establishing a suitable voice for your brand is important.

Your website is your company’s primary online source of information, so your voice needs to be consistent and well-established throughout. A website copywriter will help you establish an appropriate voice for your company.

Reason #3: To execute SEO

SEO – search engine optimisation – is impossible to ignore. While it might sound overly technical, SEO is the practice of producing quality content that will help your brand rank on Google and other search engines so that more people can find your company online.

There are so many aspects to SEO strategies, and different companies employ a variety of tricks to ensure their content appears at the top of Google. But a fundamental part of SEO is targeting specific keywords and phrases that you can realistically rank for before creating relevant content.

Skilled website copywriters can execute an SEO strategy to suit the needs of your business and help your website rank on Google and other search engines. This is done by interweaving keywords and phrases into your website copy to ensure that you attract the right audience to your website going forward.

SEO-savvy copywriters can also help you promote your brand by creating SEO-rich blog posts, as explained below.

Reason #4: To update your blog

While your main website copy is primarily static, you can look at your blog/news section as a dynamic resource that you can consistently update with quality content to build the profile of your website.

SEO blog posts let you build on your web copy and target new keywords and terms your customers are searching for.

Website copywriters can create unique and quality content around these words and terms, helping you to rank higher in Google searches. The Google algorithm also rewards websites that are regularly refreshed with new content, so this is another reason why maintaining your blog is important.

You can also use a website copywriter to publish news articles and press releases for your brand on your website. These articles help to establish and build trust with potential clients and draw attention to particular aspects of your brand or industry.

Reason #5: To save time

Last but certainly not least, hiring a website copywriter will save you and your team a significant amount of time and effort as far as content creation is concerned. Keeping your website content in-house might seem like a good idea from the outset, but it will end up causing you to stress as you try and find the time in your hectic schedule to update your website copy.

When you hire a website copywriter, you give them a brief and let them get on with the job. Of course, you can contribute to the copy and make your suggestions and recommendations, but leaving the task in a copywriter’s capable hands will take one potentially cumbersome task off your to-do list.

Ready to hire a website copywriter?

Magic Word Media helps countless clients improve their website copy. We work with companies in various industries, from logistics and personal finance to iGaming content writer obligation and property sales. Our talented copywriters provide SEO web copy efficiently, and you don’t need to wait an eternity for the project to be completed.

If you’re keen to hire a website copywriter to spruce up your website, please do reach out and get in touch, as we’d be delighted to learn about what you’re looking for.

Hire a website copywriter FAQs

What does a website copywriter do?

A website copywriter is responsible for producing written content for a website or blog. Talented writers incorporate SEO tactics within their copy to help the website in question rank on Google while providing valuable and helpful information to the reader.

Is outsourcing copywriting a good business move?

Yes! It saves you from dealing with your copy in-house and is typically more affordable than hiring a full-time copywriter. Check out our article that explains the benefits of outsourcing SEO copywriting services for more information!

Are website copywriters expensive?

We’re more affordable than you think, particularly considering how much time we save you! Get in touch with us today, and we will be very happy to quote our rates and explain how everything works.

How much content should I publish on my website?

This depends on various factors, but to rank well on Google, updating your site every week is a good idea. The easiest way to do this is with an SEO-optimised blog post of around 1,000 words. This will help you maintain your site’s standing on Google and will also help your site grow.

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