Hiring a good casino content writer means giving your company an edge over the competition. Content written to target a gaming audience strategically can significantly influence the outcome of marketing campaigns and exponentially increase your company’s exposure to the players you want to target.

In today’s extremely competitive iGaming market, each company is competing to grab at least a fraction of their desired market, but this isn’t something that magically happens overnight all by itself.

What makes a good casino writer?

A good iGaming copywriter can be the gap between success and oblivion. But what exactly makes one writer better than others?

We’ll go over some of the essential qualities a company should look for in a casino content writer to help you find the perfect fit for you and your company. But first, we outline what a casino writer actually does.

Types of casino content

A good casino writer will be versatile and well-versed in more than one type of content, which will help you expand your reach beyond the current scope of your marketing efforts. Some good examples of a differentiated casino content portfolio are:

Slots and different games

Good content informing players on the different slots and games available at online casinos while providing solid advice on where they can get the best value for their money is a sure way to build long-lasting trust with your audience.

Payment methods

Raising awareness of the different payment methods at different casinos will help your target audience avoid potential trouble related to payment and withdrawal methods. Payment method pages guide players through the pros and cons of each, including possible fees and processing times.

Strategy and how-to guides

This is superb informational content aimed at helping your audience get the most from the various casino games, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat and casino poker. It’s also ideal for introducing live casino games, which still are new to many readers.

Content like this can cover everything from rules, basic (or even in-depth) strategies, tips on bankroll management and responsible gaming, and more.

Good casino content writing will help your business

Exceptional iGaming content services are just one aspect of the broader marketing strategy of any company, but a vital one. A well-targeted content strategy and content writing can help you achieve your goals much easier.

When players stumble upon good, informative iGaming content via platforms like Google, it helps them make a better choice in their online gambling. Players tend to build a connection based on trust with a company; their first introduction will be the content you publish.

Suppose your casino content expert can help your audience make smart decisions by creating helpful and informational content. In that case, you’re directly tapping into your audience’s potential, making them much more likely to become loyal, long-time customers.

Go for iGaming experience (like Magic Word Media)

Without wishing to alienate new writers, those with experience working for the iGaming and casino industry and who know the games will do a better job. The writer will use the correct language and tone that connect with the target audience.

Magic Word Media founder Simon Young spent ten years working at the heart of the iGaming industry – and that followed 20 years as a newspaper journalist. Magic Word Media certainly has casino writing and journalism in its DNA.

A casino writer is motivated

You can expect quality when it is obvious a writer is highly motivated to create outstanding content.

An unmotivated writer will look to accept the work as fast as possible without discussing ideas, concepts, and ways to tackle the challenge at hand. Most casino writers enjoy playing table games, live casino games and slot games, so they are interested in the subject and write about it from the heart.

A good fit for your audience

This is one of the most important aspects when hiring a casino writer online. In most cases, a potential customer makes the best employee. If the writer you are about to hire has never stepped foot into a casino and is strongly against gambling but is willing to take the job to earn money, it’s a relationship doomed to fail.

It’s extremely important to hire a writer who has a connection to the audience they write for, understands the audience, and can relate to them.

Hiring a skilled, knowledgeable and enthusiastic iGaming content writer like Magic Word Media is your ideal solution.


Overall, this article covers the most important aspects when hiring a good casino content writer for your iGaming company, whether you are a casino platform or a lead generation site looking to attract more organic traffic.

Make sure you get the best hire your budget affords because good iGaming content writers are worth their weight in gold.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected], and we can help you through the process - we donate 2% of all our fees to charity.

Casino content writer FAQs

Is hiring a good casino writer hard?

While good writers are hard to come by, following the steps explained above will greatly increase the chances of finding a content writer that will fit your needs.

How to make sure that a casino content writer meets deadlines?

Always make sure to set measurable and specific deadlines. Setting an exact time and date by which the content should be completed is also a good approach.

How to make sure that a casino writer has experience?

Make sure you ask for samples of the writer’s previous work and always ask the content writer questions related to the industry. This way, you ensure knowledge, experience and skill.

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