The leads you generate online are a vital part of your business's success. You can boost your rankings with SEO, but digital PR is an excellent way to create better visibility while generating a wider buzz about your activities and products.

With traditional SEO, you pay an agency to improve the technical aspects of your website and expand your content using well-researched keywords so that you can be found more easily on Google.

While that's all well and good, digital PR creates interesting editorial content that gets picked up by news sites and blogs, authoritative sites that will often link back to your website within their articles.

You then benefit twice over:

  1. Exposure to the news site's audience
  2. A free, relevant inbound link that boosts your search engine authority

Over time, this approach will bring a significant uptick to your search positions, which in turn will give exponential improvements to the numbers of people visiting your website.

Depending on the product or service you provide, you won't need many sales from digital PR to pay for the cost. And you will benefit from the results over the long term.

Digital PR with Magic Word Media

Our team will work with you to understand your business, and then come up with interesting editorial concepts. We then research and produce the content, and begin finding suitable online sites to publish it.

Publishing is not a shotgun approach, where we send off your article in an identical press release format to everyone. Instead, we find the most suitable partners, liaise with them, and fine-tune the content according to their own needs and audience. This gives us a much better chance of success.

It's important you understand this is not a short-term fix. For digital PR to work best, you need to give it time. You will begin to see an increase in visitor numbers, and we provide detailed reports of our progress.


  • Increased exposure to new audiences
  • Better rankings in Google
  • More leads and sales from search
  • Build your brand visibility
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Joanna day

Magic Word Media does all our social media, website copy, articles for our blog, plus emails to customers when we need them. The writing is always exactly what we want – plus, it’s fast and good value. Thoroughly recommended!

Jo Day
Sales Operations Director, Hudson Media
Helen crapnell of sackers

Magic Word Media’s writing style is exactly what we like - very relaxed, conversational and straightforward. Simon and his team always nail what we’re after.

Helen Crapnell
Communications and HR Manager, Sackers

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