Publishing regular content and using it across all your available channels is critical to the marketing mix. It engages your existing customers, gives prospects a nudge to learn more about the benefits of your brand and compels all of them to take action that equates to revenue growth.

Most business owners get the drill. It's not rocket science and they know it works because they themselves are consuming business content all the time. You're reading this piece of website content writing right now, after all.

But understanding what is copywriting and blog writing, and doing something about it are two different things.

"I just don't have the time," or, "I'm not a confident writer" and even, "I'm not sure I've got anything interesting to say," are just some of the reasons content gets left behind.

Let me make this as clear as I can:
Every business has interesting things to say.

You just need someone to help you extract those stories. A professional copywriter, preferably one with an extensive journalistic and content marketing background, can help you do that.

As luck would have it, I was a former national newspaper news editor before heading the content operations at the world's largest gambling company for ten years.

And by happy coincidence, I now run Magic Word Media, a copywriting and editorial services company.

In other words, I can work with you to dig out some great stories that will be of interest to your existing customers, adding value to their experience, as well as promote your services to a new audience.

Regular article writing will propel you up the Google search rankings. They will build your authority as an expert in your field. Articles (blogs, if you prefer that term) will attract PR opportunities as the local press and trade media take notice of what you're saying.

Further, you don't have to publish and forget. Promote your editorial with links on your business social media channels. Use it to build your credibility on LinkedIn. Think about writing content for external sources, perhaps websites that will link back to your own, adding further SEO value.

Suddenly, you're aware that the chore of creating online writing brings multiple wins. And it doesn't have to be expensive.

If you have the ideas and are a confident writer, it will cost you nothing at all, aside from your time.

But outsourcing to an expert (such as *cough* Magic Word Media) is not expensive. A single blog post like this one is around 650 words. We'd research and produce this for you for around £100 + VAT. Not bad, is it? Need more words, or if extensive research is needed, and the price will increase accordingly.

And what about those ideas? This is where the content calendar comes in. Schedule your stories over the coming 12 months and try to stick to it. Perhaps a couple of pieces a month.

Book a content consultation with Magic Word Media for £125 + VAT, and we'll sit down with you (if local, otherwise on a video call), talk through your business and your strategy, and use our press background to suggest stories that real people will want to read.

After the session, lasting up to two hours, so you get your money's worth, you'll have story ideas to cover you for at least six months, perhaps more. The consultation will also give you more confidence to raise your PR and social media game.

Commission us to write for you (and be available if any unexpected news opportunity arises), and your content worries will vanish.

It's a New Year's resolution you can actually stick to.

Contact us today or email me, Simon Young at [email protected]

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