We continually look at where our growing number of clients come from and why they need our help.

Doing so helps us focus on how to position the business and where our quality freelance copywriting and editorial work, be it blogs, website content, brochures, advertising and more, will be most effective.

Owing to founder Simon Young's background in the iGaming industry, much of the work centres around the online gambling sector, making use of his specialist knowledge and contacts. But equally, a large chunk of the billing is to creative and marketing agencies, the type who work for big clients themselves but who do not necessarily have their own in-house writing resource (or if they do, they need an extra pair of hands from time to time).

I work regularly for four such agencies, enjoying repeat business because the arrangement is an ideal solution for them. It means they have a trusted copywriting resource available pretty much 24/7. Need website copy for a new client? Copy for a client brochure, advert or blog? No problem.

Agencies can rely on the high quality and speed of our work. Our rates are reasonable and certainly a cheaper option than hiring a full-time writer in-house, someone who might not be stretched at quieter times.

Without trying to oversell the worth of hiring a copywriter or editorial writer (for blogs, articles or press releases), agencies who do brilliant creative work, or develop excellent websites, should never try to take care of the words themselves.

Why not try Magic Word Media out with an initial project? Once you’ve seen the difference we can make, you’ll want to use us again. Contact me, Simon Young on 01473 526424 or email me at [email protected]

I accept that together, if we’re too successful, your agency will grow and you’ll go on to hire your own writing staff. No matter, that’s a downside we’re happy to take on board.

While working with us is an ideal solution for creative and digital agencies, it’s also enjoyable for us. We get to participate in some interesting projects across a wide range of sectors, jobs that complement our own client work nicely.

If you need a reference check, I'd be pleased to put you in touch with one of our agency clients, so you can hear how successful and convenient the relationship is.

Let’s make some magic