Do you love a bargain? If I told you that for a small monthly investment, you’d improve your Google rankings, drive more traffic to your website, convert more visitors, have engaging website content writing to share on social media, raise your LinkedIn profile AND establish yourself as an authority in your field, you’d bite my hand off, right?

Well, here I am with my hand outstretched.

While I’d rather you didn’t bite it off (I use my hands for typing, after all), let me show you how to achieve this awesomeness in one simple step.

Start a blog on your business website.

OK, you might think writing all that content sounds like hard work, or perhaps you’re not confident in your writing ability. But that’s where the small monthly investment comes in. You get a content expert to do it for you, someone to write in a conversational style that engages your readers and compels them to take action. Like buying your product or service.

And, as luck would have it, I’m just the person to do this for you.

Let’s examine the benefits of blog writing services a little closer.

Blogging to improve your Google rankings

Every time you write a new post for your blog, you create a URL that’s discoverable by the search engines, increasing your visibility.

However, if you want to rank well, you need to write about what your potential customers are typing into the search engine. It’s called keyword research and implementation. A good blog writer will do this for you and will find just the right balance between adding keywords and keeping the content readable.

In a short time, you’ll start seeing the first benefit of investment, which is more traffic going to your website from Google search. How many extra sales would it take from this source to cover the cost of your blog writer, I wonder?

Your blog will interest existing website visitors

Not only will new traffic enjoy your articles (remember, these stories are answering questions or solving problems), but other visitors to your website, those coming directly or via social media or advertising, will discover this content, too.

Visitors will stick around on your site longer as they consume content and be encouraged to return for new articles.

Every time they visit, you’re exposing them to your product or services. You can place a new offer in front of them.

Simply put, you can monetise them more easily.

Find your social media voice with blog content

You’ve probably got business social media accounts (we do social media management, by the way), all the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You might wonder why pumping out the same old sales messages is not getting traction.

Your business blog content is ready-made for sharing on social media. If it’s good enough and gives people a reason to read it, you’ll drive more traffic to your website.

Of course, the beauty of social media is your content might be shared by others, exposing your brand to even more people.

On professional networks like LinkedIn, writing relevant and informative content can place you squarely in front of businesses who might want to work with you.

Hello! I am an expert blog writer!

Become an authority

You’re not a scarecrow, outstanding in your field. But you can be an authority in that field. By publishing regular content about your industry and sharing on social media, you create a trusted voice.

Being an authority, an expert if you like, attracts business either directly or from word of mouth. Think about it. If you were talking to someone tomorrow who was looking for copywriting or editorial help, you might say: “Simon Young from Magic Word Media knows his stuff. I read his piece about business blogging only yesterday.”

There’s one other advantage if all goes well. The media will notice your blogs. They might publish their own stories based on them, or journalists might approach you for quotes on articles in your niche.

Free PR! Another reason to blog regularly.

Traffic and sales

All these great business advantages are pouring in from just one action: starting a business blog. Extra visitors from Google, more visitors from inbound links, where other websites have linked to you, traffic from social media, clicks or phone calls from referrals, and the content to keep all those businesses on your website for longer.

Converting them is your next task, but that’s a story for another day. Spoiler alert: you could link people to your homepage or special offers.

What about that modest monthly investment?

Like any other business service, you get what you pay for. You’ll find cheap writers, for sure. But they might not even be native English, and they may not write very well. Poor blog content is counter-productive in every sense.

By paying for quality, you’ll get better rewards. And remember, this is not for a one-off benefit. As you build your content, you’re investing in long-term visibility and growth.

As a copywriting and editorial services agency, I charge by the hour or by the project. For blogs, it’s easy to quote per piece, depending on the desired word count.

For example (add VAT):

500 words: £60

750 words: £80

1,000 words: £120

You should budget to publish at least once a month to keep your website content fresh and to ensure you have something new for your social media channels.

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