When done properly, social media can be transformative for your business. However, so many business owners decide to keep their content creation in-house, thinking that it’s the most efficient way to publish on social media. But perceptions are changing.

If you find that content creation consumes too much of your time and energy, you’re certainly not alone. Here are seven signs that now might be the right time to hire a freelance social media manager for your business to make your life easier and increase engagement with your followers.

Your engagement levels have dipped

The key metric for social media success is your engagement levels. Whether it’s likes, comments, or direct messages, it might be time for a change if you’ve noticed that your engagement levels have tapered off recently.

Engagement is crucial on social media because it leads to action. Without it, your posts are merely a drop in the vast ocean of social media content and are not necessarily driving home your brand’s credentials.

Hire a freelance social media manager if you’re struggling for consistency

Consistency is vital when it comes to building a successful social media presence. You need to be consistent with your tone of voice, the quality of your content, and the regularity with which you post.

But when you have a week full of meetings and 1,000 other tasks, how do you remember to post consistently on each social media channel? It’s not easy! A dedicated freelance social media manager can help you post consistently, ensuring your followers hear from you regularly.

You’re posting out of necessity

You know the drill - you feel like you need to post on social media, but you’ve pushed it to the bottom of your ever-growing to-do list. You know you need to create a post for your socials, but you can’t muster the time or creativity to put something out there. We’ve all been there.

But the reality is that you need to create content for your socials to stay relevant in your field and to engage with your followers. If posting on social media has become an afterthought, it might be time to seek help and hire a freelance social media manager.

Moreover, how much is an hour of your time? Your social media hours soon add up, so why not spend that money on an expert instead, like hiring the social media management team at Magic Word Media, and get better results?

You’re devoid of ideas

One of the biggest challenges facing in-house social media content creators is what to put out into the world. While you might have a good idea about how you want your content to look, it’s not always easy to create compelling content to match your expectations.

Engaging content creation is a skill, and it’s not necessarily something everyone has in their back pocket. So, if you’re devoid of social media ideas, it could be time to call in the professionals.

You don’t have time to keep up with trends

Jumping on the latest social media trend can be hugely beneficial for your brand - look at the recent growth of TikTok and what it has done for content creators worldwide. But to ensure you’re not too late to the party, you need to monitor your socials to capitalise on trends as and when they appear.

This is where a dedicated freelance social media manager comes to the fore. Someone who regularly monitors social media and implements a flexible strategy that keeps up with the latest trends on each platform is invaluable for your business.

You’re unsure of which channels work best for your brand

With so many social media platforms to choose from, how do you know which are best suited to your brand? Should you be putting out reels on Instagram or concise blog posts on LinkedIn? Some companies spread their resources too thin, focusing on too many channels to make an impact on any.

Others have the opposite problem - they’re too narrow with their outreach and only engage on one channel. When you hire a freelance social media manager, you'll soon see why social media marketing is so important. The freelancer will then create bespoke and engaging content to share with the world.

You want to breathe new life into your socials

While so many companies struggle to prioritise their social media, one thing is consistent: most people want to breathe new life into their socials. Realising it’s time to proactively make a change is half the battle. Most people continue with their half-hearted attempts at keeping their followers updated without genuinely solving the issue.

You’ll find that a decision to hire a freelance social media manager is the perfect answer to your content creation prayers.

At Magic Word Media, a Suffolk social media agency, we help our clients put bespoke, engaging content out into the world at a pace that works for them. We can help you communicate more efficiently with your followers and reach new audiences through targeted campaigns and compelling content creation. No matter your industry or line of work, we can help you grow your business on social media and take away the hassle of planning, creating, and publishing your content.

Sound good? Just say the magic word, and we’d be delighted to connect. Get in touch with our social media team at 01473 526424.

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