By Ross Young

Running at least one social media platform for your business is pretty much essential in today’s digital age. But what are the benefits of maintaining a presence on social platforms? Here are five things to think about:

Benefit 1: Building brand awareness

Maintaining an online presence is crucial to business success. In this regard, you can think of social media as one of the most effective ways to make people aware of your brand.

Billions of people use social media daily, and you can broadcast updates about your business directly to their feeds regularly.

Whether targeting a specific demographic or looking to showcase what you do in a specific geographic region, posting often on social media is a great way to go about it.

You can use metrics on various social media platforms to track your brand awareness progress, which you can measure in terms of followers, likes, and other interactions with the content you put out into the world.

If you work with an agency like Magic Word Media, we’ll produce highly detailed monthly reports.

Benefit 2: Reaching your customers

Since so many people maintain social media accounts, keeping channels for your business is a great way to reach your customers directly.

Your posts will appear on your customers’ feeds, and you can keep your direct messages open to field potential enquiries.

Rather than relying on phone or email communication, direct messaging via social media is an excellent way to maintain a dialogue with your customers, potentially increasing your bottom line.

Benefit 3: Promoting new products & services

One of the best ways to generate excitement ahead of a product or service launch is to spread the word via social media.

The biggest and most popular brands in the world are great at this. Just look at the incredible reach of the new Barbie movie and how marketers have capitalised on the massive interest in the film to engage with people in different ways.

We love this example of guerrilla marketing on show at Barbican Station in London, which gained much traction on social media recently:

While we don’t all have bottomless marketing budgets to work with, creating something original and posting it to social media can spark viral interest in your brand.

No matter what your business creates, launching new products and services on social media is a great way to spark a conversation with current and potential customers.

Benefit 4: Connecting with other businesses

Social media also presents endless b2b opportunities for your businesses.

Almost 94% of businesses use at least one social media channel, meaning you can reach out to most companies via their channels.

This is significant because there are lots of ways of connecting with businesses on social media that are less daunting than a cold phone call. For instance, you can:

  • Praise the company via one of their recent social media posts.
  • Like and share some of their content.
  • Leave a review on social media to show how much you value their brand.
  • Tag another brand in a post you think they might be interested in.
  • Send a direct message to explain why you’re getting in touch.

You can also use a company’s socials to learn more about them before getting in touch. This is great for research and lets you plan your approach, depending on why you’re reaching out.

Benefit 5: Managing your reputation

One of the key things to remember about social media and the Internet, in general, is that you can’t control what other people say about you.

It can be down heartening to read an unfair review or a scathing post that someone has shared on social media, whether or not it’s valid.

However, maintaining a presence on social media does put you in control of how you respond to difficult posts, enabling you to manage your reputation.

Responding positively to a bad review can work wonders for your brand’s reputation and rebuild trust among your followers.

You can also use social media to avoid potential issues and inform your followers of upcoming changes that might affect them.

All of this can help you to stay in the good books with your followers and may even help you to attract new clients.

Get help with your socials

Maintaining a presence on social media is important for your business, but you don’t have to do it alone.

As a social media agency in Suffolk, Magic Word Media helps many clients in various industries manage their socials by creating and posting engaging content that delivers results. But don’t just take our word for it:

“Security foiling approached Magic Word Media to improve its social media content on LinkedIn. From the initial consultation, we knew we were working with the right company. Sophie made every effort to understand our business and its objectives, working with us to create, schedule and measure the effectiveness of content.

After only a few weeks, we have seen a dramatic rise in followers, engagement, and new enquiries. We are very happy to recommend Sophie and the team at Magic Word Media.”

Mark Filby, Operations Manager, Security Foiling LTD

To take your social media content to the next level, just say the magic word and contact.

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What’s the best social media platform for business?

It depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Read our recent post that explains how to choose the ideal socials for your company.

How often should I post on social media for my business?

Again, this depends. However, we recommend a schedule of at least two posts per week to stay current with your followers and make use of trending topics.

How can I get help with my business’ social media accounts?

Magic Word Media is perfectly positioned to help take your business socials to the next level. Get in touch with us today - we would love to work with you.

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