Words matter

Your business can live or die by the quality of its content. Great copywriting is salesmanship online or in print. Is your copy attracting, engaging and influencing your customers?

What about your editorial? Quality news stories or blogs don’t just add rocket-fuel to your Google rankings; they allow customers to become familiar with your brand. They also establish you as an authority in your field and can attract new readership and customers.

Would you buy from a company with poor content on its website?

Fortunately, you can start now by getting the best content right here. Contact Magic Word Media for:

  • Website content. Homepage, services pages, About us, landing pages, hero copy 
  • Blogs. Update your company blog with relevant, engaging and actionable content
  • Articles. Create articles for your website, for placement on other sites or for the media
  • Advertising copy. Straplines, body text, brochure copy, direct mail
  • Social media. You only have a few words. Make them count

Experience and creativity


Magic Word Media founder Simon Young worked for 12 years leading copywriting operations at The Stars Group and Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment (now GVC Holdings).

Social media

We’ve written content for huge social communities, with Facebook fans of 1.5 million and Twitter followers of 250,000+. You’re in good company.


Nearly 20 years experience running the biggest news operations in the world, including news editing roles at The Sun, Sunday Mirror and Sunday Express.


Our writers can work alone or as part of your team. We’ve been leading or taking part in intricate group projects for decades.

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Why business leaders choose us

Our team comes from senior management positions in editorial, copywriting and journalism.

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Our clients know we follow the brief, work to budget and hit deadlines. Can you put a price on trust?

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Why hire different folk for copy, editorial, press releases or social media? We  do the lot for you.

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